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Mach2 In-Dash Integration 

Camera Technology

Watch your tailgate & trailer camera

Use your existing In-dash monitor and camera

 Prevent Accidents From Happening 
Eliminate Blind Spots on your vacation
RV/Trailer Options

More Options Available Under Products

7 inch monitor

Wireless Transmission up to 1000 ft. sent to a 5", 7" or 9" quad monitor that records

Digital Wireless

Our HD digital wireless system is interference free and you can record 24/7 for your campsite security!

If you Need a Monitor
VWCAMWR (2).jpg

Unique to the industry In-dash integration. Wired and wireless options.


Industry leading camera resolution. Designed for harsh conditions. 

In-Dash Monitor
 Designed for Harsh Conditions 
 Reliable Cameras

HDT12|HD Monitor

T-12 only.png


All Surveillance video resolution is measured in terms of broadcast TV lines (TVL), as viewed on a monitor screen. All of our cameras have a 700 TVL resolution rating or higher, but, with our HD touch screen monitor, you will have an even more crisp and clear image for your applications. 


This monitor not only provides the user with an HD quality image that makes all the difference, multimedia options (Netflix, Amazon, etc), FM transmitter, and Bluetooth available! 

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