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5" Heavy Duty System


















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Product Overview

This is our new heavy duty 5" camera kit, which is a portable kit that is perfect for your tough industry applications. There are three camera inputs on this system and the kit comes with a heavy duty U-bracket on the monitor to provider more protection. Like the standard 5" kit, it's equipped with our standard 700 TVL camera, but it comes with a 15 ft. cable.  You can power your monitor with our cigarette lighter adapter, or choose to hard-wire into your system. 

3.6 mm lens

Lowest Operating Temperature: -20 C or -4 F

700 TVL Resolution

IP68 Durability

90 degree viewing

Night Vision

4-pin camera input

Camera Specs

What is an IP Rating?


An IP rating or code is based on the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC), and is essentially a classification process rating the degree of protection offered from the security camera against any intrusion by solid and/or liquid matter.  All of our cameras are submersion tested and an IP rating of 68 essentially ensures that our cameras are protected from total dust ingress and protected from long term immersion up to a specified pressure.  

What does Resolution TVL even mean?

Surveillance video resolution is measured in terms of broadcast TV lines (TVL),  as viewed on a monitor screen. Video quality is now being charted with converging lines of higher and higher density. So basically, the TVL resolution number for your camera is the line density where the camera is no longer able to reproduce individual lines. In short, the higher this number is the better the picture.  Can you tell the difference? Absolutely, contact a dealer near you in our buy now section to see a demonstration.


Digital Panel

Monitor Specs

3 Video and 3 Audio Inputs

For more product details and tutorials, please see our full website on a desktop or laptop device.

How Many Cameras Can I view with this monitor?





As mentioned above, this monitor can take up to three camera inputs.  It has a single viewing display with the ability to toggle between your camera inputs.  This monitor has been designed for heavy duty applications.  

350 cd/m2 Luminance

5" Screen Size


16:9 Aspect Ratio

12-24V Power Supply

Heavy Duty Mount

Adjustable brightness, color, and contrast

What's Included

Standard Camera w/ magnet
3-Port Harness
5" Heavy Duty LCD Monitor
15 ft. cable
Cigarette Lighter Adapter
RCA Female
3 Year Camera Warranty
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